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TV for free until the end of the year. Netia with the new offer and the campaign

Netia Launches a new advertising campaign. The theme of the campaign are TV packages and the main campaign slogan is "Do not pay for what you do not watch." In addition, the campaign informs about new promotions within the package TV + Internet - television by the end of the year for free.

On June the 1st Netia launched new promotional offer "Internet or TV till the end of the year for free." The package "Television and the Internet" is a service for Personal Television and will be available free of charge till the end of 2016.. Additionally, Internet service purchased bundled with Television will be up to 15 zł / month cheaper than if you purchase the Internet itself. Standard price for Personal Television, which will be valid after the promotional period i.e. from January 2017 is 35 zł per month.

It's not everything. Under the new offer, if you buy only the Internet service, the client will also have subscription fee of 0 zł - regardless of speed. From January 2017 for 10 Mb / s Internet customers will pay 39.90 zł, 50 Mb / s - 49.90 zł, 100 Mb / s - 59,90 zł, and for a speed of 300 Mb / s - 69,90 zł .

"The new offer and the campaign will engage customers and reach new, broader audience. We want to build the unique character of the brand - to strengthen the association of Netia and TV. All this will be the task for a new advertising campaign. We plan to use various forms of media and communication channels. We focus on modernity and innovation"- explains Michal Zawadzki, Director of Marketing and Business Development.

Balls in the new campaign and new formats in digitalu

On June the 1st begins a new advertising campaign. This will include radio, television, social media, outdoor and display campaigns. The campaign will be promoted offer of Netia TV. The campaign is a choice of TV packages tailored to the users' preferences in line with the slogan "Do not pay for what you do not watch." In addition, the campaign will inform about new promotions within the package TV + Internet "TV for 0 to the end of the year." As part of the new campaign, previously used in the visual identification of Netia dots turn into balls that will be the main protagonists of advertising forms.

”We focused on the evolution of the current symbol of the brand, that is dots. In the new campaign, they become full-sized balls. In order to make them closer to our customers we want to give them different properties so that our clients can identify with them. Particularly important in this campaign will be humor, creativity and empathy "- explains Paul Masiukiewicz, Manager. Marketing Communications.

Netia also bets on new, creative formats. The digital campaign will be used, among other tools, interactive advertising forms - games playable for potential audience of the campaign.

"Taking into account the trends in media consumption, we estimate that by formats issued only on TV we will not reach up to 12 percent of our target group. Therefore we focused on online presence. We believe that formats we used will engage the audience "- adds Paul Masiukiewicz.

Brasil Warsaw is responsible for strategy, creative format and execution of spots. For media strategy and media buying - Dentsu Aegis Network. For digital campaign - Value Media.

About Netia:

Netia is one of the biggest and fastest growing telecommunication providers in Poland. It delivers comprehensive, integrated and user-friendly on-line solutions.