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Netia with a new business offer

NETIA as a first company in Europe offers a comprehensive solution for integrated communication in combination with any number. New Netia offers the ability to integrate existing fixed number of Unified Communications features available on any device, smart phone, tablet or computer.

Offer called New Netia is the most modern communication solution for any company, institution, and office. It is also possible to take advantage of the collaboration functionality, video call, chat and integration of communication with any number of Netia network, regardless of the technology. The transition to integrated communication in the framework of the New Netia does not require changes in access or access technology.

The offer New Netia customers will have the ability to integrate fixed number of all devices: smartphones, tablets, computers or mobile phones.

New Netia is also a new simple price offer that provides an unlimited number of minutes - national, to the mobile network and to the countries of the European Union.

Service users retain full mobility and efficiency, and simplicity of planning expenditure.

"Many of our customers wanted a simple, transparent and comprehensive services. Today Netia was the first to offer integrated communication available to any telephone number in Netia's network without changing the technology. Today we can offer companies offer no limits in one simple tariff independent of the access method. Whether it is analog phone, digital - ISDN or IP phone, "- says Marcin Kotlarski with Netia, responsible for products and marketing vertical B2B.

About Netia:

Netia is one of the biggest and fastest growing telecommunication providers in Poland. It delivers comprehensive, integrated and user-friendly on-line solutions.