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NETIA OFF CAMERA - Netia supports inspiration

International Festival of Independent Cinema NETIA OFF CAMERA will run from April 29th to May 8th. As every year, Krakow will host world-renowned artists and talented newcomers. For the faithful festival fans rapidly narrated stories, interesting forms and ambitious scenarios await. The main partner of this unique event is Netia.

NETIA OFF CAMERA is one of the largest such events in Central and Eastern Europe. Organized in Krakow festival focuses on independent cinema, daring both in content and form. Every year the city is visited by stars of world cinema - operators, directors and actors and talented newcomers. This is a great opportunity for fans of independent films who can meet with their favorite artists in the most important art houses. The main partner of the festival is Netia.

"Netia for years accomplishes its mission and provides its customers the best content. We strive to ensure that viewers have the widest possible access to productions stimulating imagination, intriguing, presenting interesting points of view - says Michal Zawadzki, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Netia. " NETIA OFF CAMERA festival brings viewers bold, ambitious projects and creates trends, showing artists who swim against the mainstream. Therefore, the vision of the festival is especially dear to us. I am glad that we can be the participant and partner "- he adds.

About Netia:

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