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Netia ended 2015 year with solid results and stable financial position

Netia SA announced financial results for the fourth quarter and the entire 2015 year. Last year the company reached 1,572 billion zł revenue, 457 million zł adjusted EBITDA and more than 2 million zł net profit. Fourth quarter ended with revenue of 403 million zł and adjusted EBITDA profit of 111 million.

Both operating segments have shown up in the fourth quarter of 2015 a stable adjusted EBITDA profit while maintaining a satisfactory margin.

In the B2B segment it was respectively 65 million adjusted EBITDA margin at 40.5 percent. In the B2C segment - 41 million with margin of 20.5 percent.

About Netia:

Netia is one of the biggest and fastest growing telecommunication providers in Poland. It delivers comprehensive, integrated and user-friendly on-line solutions.